Free Maoj Maga Now! Free all political prisoners!

Democratic and freedom-loving Filipinos in Canada are one with the international community in calling for the immediate and unconditional release of trade union activist Maoj Maga.

BAYAN-Canada member and affiliate organizations fortify our forces in defense of Marklen Maojo Maga, KMU or Kilusang Mayo Uno (May 1st Movement) organizer.


Maga, 39 years old, was illegally abducted by plainclothes police officers on February 22nd, 2018. He was accosted by at least a dozen men, blindfolded and brought inside a vehicle without knowing why he was being taken and where they were headed. At the police headquarters, he was subjected to hours of interrogation. He was not given the chance to contact his lawyers and family. His arresting officers insinuated that he has a murder charge in Mindanao, and showed him a .45 caliber gun, that they portrayed was his. He went through several detention centers and experienced the miserable state of congested prisons including a quarantine-isolation cell.

Maga is a KMU staffperson tasked to organize workers’ unions in the port area, in factory belts in Valenzuela (among them are Kentex workers), and in Central Luzon.

Before becoming a union organizer, Maga was also an active student leader. He was a member of the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and a founding National Council member of youth group Anakbayan.

Maga remains imprisoned in the Metro Manila District Jail-Annex 4 in Camp Bagong Diwa,  Bicutan, Taguig City, along with thirty-five other political prisoners.

BAYAN-Canada deplores the rabid campaign of political repression against leaders and supporters of progressive organizations, the Filipino mass media, even ordinary citizens by the macho-fascist misogynist-tyrant Duterte regime.



To voice out discontent is not a crime. To dissent is an inherent right of the exploited sectors of society and is not crime. To dismantle Duterte’s attempts to establish his Marcosian dream of dictatorship is not a crime.

The people’s only resolve is to forge unity in fighting for our rights and freedoms by any means necessary, even armed struggle when other avenues for struggle have been closed off or proven ineffective for the people.

#FreeMaojMaga #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #OustDuterte

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