BAYAN Canada, an overseas chapter an overseas chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance), is an alliance of organizations of Filipino migrant workers, women and youth, indigenous people, churchpeople, healthcare workers and professionals committed to advancing the cause of genuine national independence, people’s democracy and a just and lasting peace in the Philippines.

BAYAN Canada was launched on September 21, 2008 to mark the 36th anniversary of the martial law imposed by the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines.  At the time, the organizers of BAYAN Canada wanted to make the link between the US-Marcos fascist regime and the US backed Arroyo regime scheming to stay in power while perpetrating some of the worst human rights violations in Philippine history.

The September 21st assembly affirmed the BAYAN Canada national organizing committee and its chairperson Dr. “Chandu” Claver and its work leading to the first congress of BAYAN Canada. BAYAN Canada is calling on all patriotic Filipino organizations in Canada to join in advancing the Filipino people’s movement for national liberation and democracy.

The 2019 Congress is historic as we are facing the wrath of the tyrannical rule of the US-Duterte regime. This indeed is a high time to ensure that in spite of the heightening political and economic crisis that the Philippines is being confronted, we, the Filipino people here in Canada must remain resilient, steadfast, and agitated to counter the anti-people policies of the administration. We must not be cowed to the harassments and threats, thus, we must continue to struggle for a Philippines to attain peace based on justice.

email:  bayancanada2008@gmail.com


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