Hundreds are dead and hundreds of thousands are homeless since Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) battered the Philippines.

In the face of government inaction and corruption BAYAN Canada along with Migrante Canada, the Philippine Solidarity Network-Canada and other grass-roots organizations are organizing to get the money and goods directly to the victims. We are working with reliable people’s organizations in the Philippines who have been active for many years in the hardest hit areas.

YOU can help with a check, cash or goods. Please see details below:

Q: Who do I make checks out to?

A: In Montreal, please make the checks payable to Centre for Philippine Concerns (ou Centre d’appui aux Philippines). Make sure you put “Philippine flood relief” or “pour les victimes des inondations aux Philippines” on the memo line.

For those who need tax receipts, make the check payable to United Church of Canada – again please indicate on the memo line: “Philippine flood relief”. You can only get a tax receipt if you donate more than $20. Please include full name and address to the person who collects the check.

Q: Where do I send/drop off the checks/cash to?

A: In Montreal the address to send or drop off the checks is right beside Metro Plamondon at:

6420 Avenue Victoria, suite 9
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 2S7
Tel: +1 514 342-2111

For other cities please see list of contacts here: http://cap-cpc.blogspot.com/2009/09/you-have-undoubtedly-seen-amazing.html

Q: Are you accepting only cash donations? Are you also collecting food and clothing?

A: Cash donations are fast and easy to send to the Philippines – it will get to the people who need it the most in the fastest time possible. BUT, we will not turn other items away. You can drop off food, clothing and other items at the same address as above. We are also trying to work with churches and groups in the West Island, South Shore & Chateauguay and Cote-des-Neiges area. We will be informing people soon where the drop-off centres for relief goods are in these areas. We ask that people help raise money for the cost of delivering the goods.

Q: Who are your partners in the Philippines? Where do the donations go?

A: Our partners in the Philippines are people’s organizations that have been doing work in the areas that have been affected the most by the flooding. They have a long history of organizing and service in these communities. They are organizations in sectors such as migrants, women, urban poor, workers, and church people. Our partners are the National Council of Churches of the Philippines (NCCP), BAYAN allied organizations such as Gabriela, and Migrante International. These organizations are currently engaged in various relief efforts in the most affected areas and with people who need help the most. We will be publishing updates and reports of their relief work and photos of their activities as often as we can. Please check back for further updates.


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